"Can I have a free deck?"

No. These things take time to make. Don't ask us (or anyone else for that matter) for handouts.

"When will there be more decks?"

Soon™. We shoot for one stock a month, but these take a long time, and every design and style has new challenges. Our decks may use 3D printing and injection molding, but they involve a ton of hand work to finish them to our standards. If you want to know when the next stock will come, follow @sittingduck422 and @wacomalt on instagram, as this is where we post announcements and release dates/times. We will not offer preorders, and we will not make boards on request. We simply can't do that at this time or for the forseeable future.

"Can I get a custom design?"

Unfortunatley no. We don't have time to do this. We don't have the time to interrupt our normal production to make custom boards. Maybe someday in the future it'll be more feasible, but at the moment its just not a smart choice for us to do them.