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Red Bats 🦇 & Mermaids 🌊

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  • Red Bats 🦇 & Mermaids 🌊

Hand shaped wooden cruisers! Each deck is a little unique in shape and size. The graphics are hand painted using a stencil. Adopt the creature that best fits you <3

Mink - 36.9mm x 88mm
Isabel - 36. 4mm x 88.1mm
Rose - 35.5mm x 88.6mm
Scarboro - 36.1mm x 87.7mm
Otto - 36.9mm x 87.5mm

Sophie - 35.1mm x 88.4mm

These decks aren't perfect. Some boards have pressure cracks around the truck holes from the mold. I'm still learning to work with wood. I'm improving daily <3